How to read the State of the Baltic Sea report

The HELCOM holistic assessment is a multi-layered product representing varying levels of detail for each of the topics covered, and several assessment products underpin this summary report. Detailed data and results generated by national monitoring and regional data collection form the basis of the assessment, contributing to indicator evaluations. These, in turn, contribute to integrated results at overarching levels in the thematic assessments (HELCOM 2023a-e). This approach allows anyone to explore and utilise the results at whatever scale is most relevant while maintaining ecological relevance at the core.

State of the Baltic Sea 2023 — The third HELCOM holistic assessment (HOLAS 3)

State of the Baltic Sea 2023 is a synthesis report that builds on, and integrates, results from a wide range of assessment products produced within the third HELCOM holistic assessment. Its role is to link information from the underpinning assessment products together, thus highlighting the holistic aspects. With this in mind, the summary report focuses on presenting the results and on an in-depth look at why we are seeing these results, providing over-arching context and analysis. The report helps develop a clearer picture of where we are and how things are connected, supporting coordinated and effective measures to strengthen the Baltic Sea environment.