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State of the Baltic Sea report – Second HELCOM holistic assessment 2011–2016

HELCOM HOLAS State Of The Baltic Sea Cover

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Executive summary

Chapter 3. Human welfare and ecosystem health

Chapter 4. Pressures

Chapter 4.1. Eutrophication

Chapter 4.2. Hazardous substances

Chapter 4.3. Marine litter

Chapter 4.4. Underwater sound

Chapter 4.5. Non-indigenous species

Chapter 4.6. Species removal by fishing and hunting

Chapter 4.7. Seabed loss and disturbance

Chapter 5. Biodiversity

Chapter 5.1. Benthic habitats

Chapter 5.2. Pelagic habitats

Chapter 5.3. Fish

Chapter 5.4. Marine mammals

Chapter 5.5. Waterbirds

Chapter 5.6. Summary and food web aspects

Chapter 6. Cumulative impacts on the marine environment

Chapter 7. HELCOM actions to improve the Baltic Sea